Monday, February 4, 2008

You're Once, Twice, Three Times a Linky

I just sent off the manuscript and proposal for The Unvarnished Jesus to my agent. I always think these things should be more ceremonious, like sending off a ship on its maiden voyage. Or leaving an infant in a basket on a doorstop with a little note pinned to its blanket: Please take care of my baby.
This is the third baby I've abandoned to mysterious agent-publisher brokerage. If it ends the way the first two have -- with a whimper -- I will crack the champagne bottle meant for the ship on my forehead.

I am now resuming work on a novel I'm calling Echo Island, which has been on hold for about a year.

Here are some quality links to get your week started off right . . .

At The Thinklings, I have called for a moratorium on certain Christianese.

Tim Challies has an interesting interview with artist Makoto Fujimura.

Trevin Wax on Joel Osteen's negative message.

J.D. Greear on good reasons to do community ministry.
I choose (d), all of the above.

From McChurch: a series on video venue churches

In the interest of equal time, local pastor Eddie Johnson (who happens to have once done something similar to what I'm doing in the very church I'm doing it in) composes a series offering reasons to rethink "the franchised church."

In the interest of swinging back to inequality, Bill Kinnon weighs in on franchising the consumer church here.

From Revelant Magazine: Matthew Litton on intentional community.

Happy surfing.

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