Friday, January 11, 2008

Returning to "Reveal"

At The Philosophical Pastor, Susan writes on the REVEAL survey:
Reflecting on the survey questions themselves and where they appeared to be headed, the assumption seems to be that there will be indicators for people who are ’satisfied’ with their spiritual growth, and once determined, products that target those indicators can be bundled together and offered both to seekers and sellers of spiritual growth.

It works in the marketplace; why not in the church? Spiritual growth is just like anything else human beings want, right? We want fuel-efficient cars, fit bodies, smooth younger-looking skin… and spiritual growth.

How satisfied are you with your fuel /exercise program/wrinkle cream/church ?

What is the most important benefit a fuel /exercise program/wrinkle cream/church ought to provide for your car/abs/cheekbones/spiritual-life ? How satisfied are you, with the way your current fuel /exercise program/wrinkle cream/church serves the needs of your car/abs/cheekbones/spiritual-life?

If enough of your customers are dissatisfied in some area, this will warrant a change in the product. You can’t keep your business open if you don’t serve the customer. It’s not rocket science: the customer is king.

But how does it get past the smart godly leadership people that this kind of mentality is nowhere modeled in Scripture? If it were, Jesus would have been serving up free miracle bread and fish every day, and would have set up a walk-through healing center with complimentary foot-washing on Jerusalem Blvd. When Peter said, “No!” to Jesus’ impending death on a cross, that would have settled it. Jesus would have been reduced to a panderer of products, enslaved to keeping people happy and satisfied, never able to fulfill His mission because survey data kept pulling him in the “popular” direction.

HT: Bill Kinnon, who is probably looking into hovercraft rental right now :-)


Bill Kinnon said...

My hovercraft arrived this morning. Lake Ontario here I come.

Bill Kinnon said...

Oh. Check out Susan's latest post. A continuation of her thoughts here.