Monday, December 10, 2007

Takes a Linking, Keeps On Clicking

Hope you had a good weekend.
Ours was good and mostly restful, but wouldn't you know it?, just in time for the holidays, some car trouble. The green behemoth is sitting in the driveway as I type, waiting on the tow truck to come get it and take it to our trusted mechanic. I'm praying it's not the transmission. Been there, done that, had the transmission guy take my T-shirt. Not interested in repeating the experience any time soon.
The Titans blew it against the slightly better than mediocre Chargers. Way to go, guys. Of all the mediocre teams, you're the mediocre-est.
Great night at Element last night, though, wrapping up our relationships series. Some very encouraging feedback on last night's message. It's always a blessing to realize how resonant the unadulterated gospel can be in this day and age in the church.

Here are some quality links to get your week started off right . . .

I hope the resources on Steve McCoy's Mission to Suburbia expand rapidly. It has been fashionable in church critic circles to believe "God has left the suburbs," and if you want to be an "authentic" follower of Jesus, you must move your family to either the inner city or the rural country (depending upon which critic you listen to). The suburbs are not less spiritually fertile than other places. One vital aspect of reforming the discipleship culture of the American Church, in my opinion, is recognizing that pristine neighborhoods and shopping centers do not reflect spiritual unbrokenness, and the God of the wild has many hearts to capture in the civilized wilderness of the suburbs.

"Narnia scholar" Devin Brown opines on The Golden Compass

Are King's X and U2 both better than the Beatles?

Dan Edelen: Following TBN Off a Cliff

Bill offers a brief but necessary post on reconciliation.

Glenn Lucke asks a question about Mormon historical claims and the comment thread turns into an experiment in linguistics and rhetoric. :-)

Vitamin Z highlights an excellent exhortation from Todd Hiestand:
We need to be a Church that truly exists for the sake of others. We need a Church that gives up luxury so that others may have necessity. We need a Church that rejects the lone ranger mentality and lives in sacrificial and compassionate community. We need a Church that views money as a resource of God’s Kingdom and not an object to be consumed. We need a Church that trusts the Spirit and takes risks for the sake of the Gospel. We need a Church that comes together to care for the poor in their backyards as well as those in the city.

Or you can go ahead and put that waterfall baptistry in your new exotic prayer garden or get that $23,000 golden toilet for the pastor's office.

Happy surfing!


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