Monday, November 19, 2007

We're Gonna Rock Down to Elinktric Avenue

And then we'll take it higher.

Some links to get your week started off right . . .

While some churches are going "virtual" to bridge the distance between people and "church," many other church thinkers are taking head on the dilemma of geographical distance. Jonathan Leman asks about it at Church Matters. Ryan Townsend provides a thoughtful response at same.

It is interesting, isn't it?, that as we keep talking about the world getting smaller (through technology and globalization), we are actually getting further and further away from genuine community.

To wit, Mudpit Prophet posts on geography, (d)evolving culture, and the deterioration of Christian community.

You must read the iMonk's story about Doc.

Honorary Thinkling Alan opines on the Exodus miracles -- those that were and those that would be.

Happy surfing!

(Note: The wifey is off work all week, and I am excited about "vacation at home." Bloggin may be sporadic, although I do plan to post part 3 in the Formation of Reformation series on Wednesday.)

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