Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday is for the Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

This Is Why We Need a Play-off System:
Here are the latest computer rankings, apparently an amalgam of other rankings services.

LifeChurch.tv is the number one church in America. Not in terms of total attendance, per se, but just in terms of being number one.

Well, duh. But Seacoast behind New Hope? Give me a break. Seacoast's ministries and programs hit me where I live, and New Hope doesn't even have a Giving Kiosk yet. Pffft.

This is why it needs to be settled on the mission field, not on some programmer's PC somewhere in the basement at Saddleback. No way, either, does Andy Stanley's Northpoint Community deserve to drop to #13. Dude is number FOUR in the FGC poll (Outreach Mag's "Fastest Growing Churches") and #3 overall in on the AMIC "innovative churches" ranking. He needs a contract extension, NOW.

And Greg Laurie, God bless you, but you're dropping like a rock at #22.

Osteen is still only #11, which may explain why he runs up the score.

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