Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Someone Tell Me This Isn't Real

This is just a spoof, right?

I'm asking because I really want to think it is.


Aaron said...

man ... i don't know. Unfortunately i think it might be real. Here's their website.

Jared said...

yeah, checked that out. Ugh. Even the website looks halfway tongue in cheek. Are they seriously touting shockjock Mancow?

Michael said...

I have a strong feeling that this is no parody. Daddy is Steve Munsey, pastor of the Family Christian Center and is a regular on TBN.
The link below is to an article talking about the City Church as a new plant in Feb. of this year.

salguod said...

I think that they think they're being funny.

They're not.

Bill said...

My favorite part was the part about how all other churches suck.

Not really . . .

Jared said...

Yeah, that always bugs me. The "my church is better than your church" thing. Pretty gross.

Salguod, I think that's what threw me off at first. I realize now they may actually be trying to be funny; meaning, the video may be tongue-in-cheek. So it's not a spoof, but they don't mean it seriously.
Can't tell for sure, though.

In any event, it's kind of a weird thing to put out as a promotional tool, though. And looking at their website sort of reinforces a haphazard sense of "our church is cool, yours is not" sort of approach to marketing.

Ecclesiological oneupmanship is tragic.

Bill said...

One other thing that bugged me, even though maybe it shouldn't.

The little throwaway line at the end: "peace in the middle east".

If he really meant "I want peace in the middle east", then I'm with him.

But I think what it really meant was "I'm hip".

And don't get me started on the silliness that is the "hot wife" part of this little promo.