Monday, November 5, 2007

New Series: The Formation of Reformation

On Wednesday I'm going to begin a new blog series here at GDC called "The Formation of Reformation" that will survey the overarching theme of the site -- namely, "reformation of the discipleship culture of the American church."

Each Wednesday thereafter for the next few weeks will then feature a new post in the series covering a variety of theological, spiritual, and methodological issues in relation to confronting and counteracting the "unhealth" of our churches. I hope to be balanced and fair, and most of that approach arises from my own acknowledgment that I'm no expert. But in crisis there is opportunity, and the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus has always transformed lives. I think it's critical that an emerging generation, in partnership with our older and wiser brothers and sisters, continue to call all of our church families back to centering on that transformational foundation. So this series will attempt to suggest ways to do that forthrightly and with conviction.

Some the topics covered may be:
- the state of the pastorate and the professionalization of ministry
- the state of worship culture and the cultivation of authentic, expansive worship
- the state of discipleship programming and the place of ministry programming in the future
- the state of the institutional church and the pros and cons of alternative ways to "do church"
- organic community and spiritual growth
- the theological bankruptcy of the church and the idolization of "seekers"
- the intersections and interactions of church and culture

And probably more I haven't thought of yet.

I hope you'll come join me in thinking aloud as "The Formation of Reformation" begins Wednesday.

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