Monday, November 5, 2007

Linkage, Linkage, Linkage, I Made You Out of Clay

Welcome back. Your dreams were your ticket out.

It feels like I haven't blogged in ages. It's only been 4 days. Is that a sign of addiction or what? :-)

Here are some links to get your week started off right . . .

True dat.

I would quibble with one or two minor points made in this post, but the gist is something that has troubled me for quite some time, something I like to call reverse pharisaism. For your consideration: Truth in Advertising from the Nashville Conference on Church and Theology Blog.

I guess my biggest question is, "What is it we're branding?"
And does this have anything to do with church franchises?

If you want access to the latest church planting research, you must visit regularly the church planting Yoda. (That would be Ed Stetzer.)

You really should be reading In the Clearing. Bob's latest contribution to the way-too-small world of cross-centered blogging is Help, Lord! I Need to be Holy. An excerpt:
Everyone's familiar I'm sure with the illustration of salvation in which the gap between men and God is bridged by the cross of Christ, but we don't often think that this righteousness-gap between the lives we live and the lives that God would desire for us is also a chasm that can only be bridged by the cross.

That'll preach.
Go read the whole thing.

Ladies and gentleman: Today's Christian spokespersons.

Appreciating Rick Warren is the new black.
Seriously, though: If you'd like to see the bizarre historical occasion of a Christian blogger saying "I was wrong and I apologize," check out the iMonk's post.

Happy surfing!

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