Friday, November 30, 2007

Doubleshot: The Supremacy of Christ

First, a passage from Mark Driscoll's contribution ("The Church and the Supremacy of Christ") to Piper and Taylor's The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World:
The supremacy of Jesus Christ as our sovereign and exalted God is our authority for mission. There is not one inch of creation, one culture or subculture of people, one lifestyle or orientation, one religion or philosophical system, that he does not possess full authority over and command to turn from sin and glorify him . . . Indeed, the authority of our mission rests on nothing less than the authority delegated to us by the exalted Lord Jesus Christ who rules over all.

Nevertheless, as Christians enter into their local culture and its subcultures, we must also remember that it is Jesus (not us) who is sovereign, and it is Jesus (not the church) who rules over all. We are to come in the authority of the exalted Jesus, but also in the example of the humble incarnated Jesus. This means that we must come into culture as Jesus did -- filled with the Holy Spirit, in constant prayer to the Father, saturated with the truth of Scripture, humble in our approach, loving in our truth, and serving in our deeds. Once we have the incarnation and the exaltation clear in our Christology, we are then sufficiently ready to contend for the truth of the gospel and contextualize it rightly for various cultures and subcultures of people, as Jesus did and commands us to do.

Secondly, here's a powerful snip from a John Piper sermon. The montage of images whoever concocted this video designed is fairly cheesetastic, but just ignore that and listen to the words. It's an eleven minute shot of theological tequila to get your weekend started right.

Makes me wanna go outside in the yard and jump up and down for rapture practice.

Have a great weekend!



Bob said...

I haven't even watched the video yet, but I just wanted to commend you for introducing me to a new and I'm sure very useful word: Cheesetastic!

Jared said...

Hahaha. Bob, you're welcome.