Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Can't Make this Stuff Up

"I don't care what the name on that title says. Reach out and snatch it! It's yours."

Uh huh. Back here in Normaltown, we call that stealing.

I'll spare you my rant.

I know I'm supposed to see something like this and laugh it off, consider it marginal or inconsequential, ignore it as an easy target, gloss over it because "picking on TBN'ers is so cliched," etc.
But I think about the thousands (millions, probably) who send these people money. I think about the elderly and the naive, those who are sick or mourning or in huge amounts of debt who are desperate for relief, who are eager to trade their faith for whatever promises can be made for deliverance, and then guys like this say things like this, and it makes me angry like nothing else. I think of people I know who are suffering, hurting, confused in their faith because they've trusted God for something big or needful and God has chosen not to give it to them, and then I see guys like this suggest it was withheld because of a lack of faith. I see people every day who are hungry for the Gospel, and most of them don't know it, and if the only exposure they have to the Christian message is guys like this saying stuff like this, it just makes me want to vomit.

Okay, so I ranted a little bit.

Here's something similar. I'm not as worked up about this, mainly because it is mostly fascinating in its incomprehensibility.


Frasypoo said...

Great post!I had done one a while back on Dollar on an older blog.
These preachers grow bigger in the pocket on all the people who contribute money.

Bird said...

I'll be back ... going to go to Stop n' Rob.

Milly said...

Makes me wanna steal a car.
....I didn't

tdurbs said...

Makes me wonder what god they're talking about. I imagine the maniacal laughter that comes after his call to pledge was the sheep's mask falling off the wolf.

Newfiepentecostal said...

I totally agree with you. As a Christian it makes me sick when people preach prosperity. There are soooo many scriptures that are totally against this type of talk. Thanks for the blog!

brad brisco said...

"Just snatch it"
"We know you can holler, now let's see if you can pledge."
Huh? This crap makes me sick as well.