Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday is for the Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Two from the ever-reliable Lark News:

Emergent leaders call for missional re-understanding of Jesus-followership and Christ-focus imbued with passionate creativity and emotional authenticity, whatever that means:
At a recent conference-like "gathering" of emergent church leaders, various factions sparred over competing visions for the future of the movement.
Leaders on one side called for "deepening and continuously beautiful efforts toward emotionally true self-divulgence and confession." Other leaders countered with a call for "a theological re-purposing of our objective and subjective missionality within a framework of God-love." Because few in attendance actually understood what either side meant, both ideas were tabled . . .

Mini church acts mega:
In the massive nursery area, five kids have their pick of toys in a sprawling play room. The high-tech child care includes video surveillance and child-specific beepers, but few actual children.
"Attendance is down right now," says the nursery attendant, who is also the church secretary, missions trips coordinator and assistant to the youth pastor. "Usually we have eight kids, but the Hensons are out of town."
Allen expresses "a little frustration" that he hasn’t yet attracted the congregation he wants. Some in town say the size discrepancy makes the church feel "creepy." But Allen says his market research has identified the perfect place for a mega-church where the population was underserved. He remains confident that it will fill up.
"God honors faith," he says. "He won’t leave this place empty."


Bill said...

Man, that is hilarious!

preacherman said...

This is great! :-)
I needed a good laugh this morning.