Monday, October 1, 2007

A Linky Wheel Gets the Greasing

Some more quality links to get your week started off right . . .

Lauren on feeling inadequate in ministry.
I appreciate the connection she makes between feeling inadequate and the desire for approval. Reminds me of a great D.A. Carson quote: "Most of us worry people will think too little of us; Paul worried people would think too much of him."

CT's profile of Mark Driscoll is up. It's pretty cool.

The LifeWay Research website is da bomb. Lots of good stuff on their church dropout study, among other studies.

For us lit-geeks, a clever and funny experiment in characterization: Mark Bertrand meets a killer in a bookstore's True Crime section. Or maybe she met the killer. :-)

Is the Church the No-Longer-Interested Spouse of Christ?:
I think the Western Church has become something even worse than the “buddy of Christ” I think we’ve become the no-longer-interested-spouse of Christ. The partner who is so disengaged in the relationship that they are dissolved in apathy and not even interested in divorce but have resigned themselves to a love-less, passion-less living out the rest of their days. I don’t mean to be a doomsayer but I must say that is what strikes me when I interact with most people in normal American churches, not to mention the feeling that I get when I have to sit in a service.

(HT: Bill Kinnon)

Finally, not to be a Captain Bringdown or anything, but Eric Volz is still very much in danger in a Nicaraguan jail, imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit.

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DLE said...

Great article on Driscoll, though I suspect that for those of us who have been following his career, nothing new stands out.

I did find one comment intriguing. A quote from a member of Mars Hill says that Reformed teaching states that Satan can't destroy people. Is that truly the Reformed stance. If so, then I profoundly disagree. I've seen too many people destroyed by Satan to think otherwise.