Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busywork is Not "Going Deeper"

Jeff Vanderstelt, Building Teams and Developing Leaders: Part 1:
I've found that we fill people's calendars so full that they don't have any time to actually grow up. And I think we've bought into some things that we think actually make people grow up . . . What if someone come to me and says, "We just want to go deeper"? . . . What we fundamentally realize is that most people just want to fill their schedule with more Christian activities so they don't have to actually live out the mission. So somehow when they got to the end of the week they went, "Whew, I did a lot of church stuff, man, that was amazing." They didn't do a thing for anybody but themselves. Really. So if you're going to equip people . . . you have to say "How are we helping people make time to actually dwell in their community?" . . . They are so busy doing church work they aren't being the Church any more.

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