Monday, October 1, 2007

All About Dad

by Macy Wilson (age 6)

I love Dad. He tucks me in at night. My Dad bakes my lunch. (He bakes my dinner to.) He takes me to school. He drives me to church. He helps me with my homework. He gives me baths. When I was in kindergarden Dad helped me count, write, and say my abcs. Sometimes Dad takes me grocery shopping. When I was little Dad helped me read. Dads favorite color is blue. His hair is brown (but it looks black). Dads eyes are brown.

I love Dad!

(This was a "story" Macy typed on the computer yesterday that she wouldn't let me see until she was done. Of course it made my millennium. I have re-typed it as is, with the one or two spelling/punctuation mistakes. One thing I love is that she evidently shares her Dad's affection for parenthetical remarks. :-)

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preacherman said...

Thanks for sharing this with us all. I hope you have a great week brother. You are always in my prayers.