Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday is for the Ha Ha

What's great about this, is that it is so spot-on, it really does blur the line between parody and reality. I mean, I read that, and it sounds so true to the "real" leadership blog entries, that I tend to read the real ones the same way I read this one.

At some point irony settles in. At some point parody of this kind of thing will be redundant.

Lark News is ever reliable.

Virtual pastors please picky churchgoers.

Again. The line between parody and reality is becoming hazy . . . :-)


Anonymous said...

I loved this quote near the end...

"Remember: Without your visionary leadership, with the leadership of leading leaders of visionaries, the people will perish."

That's funny stuff, but it's a frightningly similar to a doctorate level pastoral thesis I've read very close to home.

Yikes !


Bob said...

Ha ha is right! I love Letters from Kamp Krusty. As you say, "spot on!"