Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday is for the Ha Ha Ha

I can't help it. I've got to send you back there.
Because this is too perfect: Announcing the Conference for Awesomely Bold Leaders of Leading Leaders

A slice:
Prepare to maximize your dynamic team with the dynamic skills that maximize your dynamic management. And enjoy a dynamic boxed lunch.

We've got a raft of dynamic speakers, including dynamically rich Christian businessmen like Truett Cathy, plus dynamically military Army general guys, some women, and Peyton Manning, whom, you know, we're not sure, exactly, where he is, spiritually, but is just pretty awesome.

Dynamic workshops? Check, my friend. We've got 'em. Ken Blanchard will hit home with a must for busy church leaders trapped with low-level people demands: "One-Minute Grief Counseling". Robbie Knievel will inspire: "Daredevil Leadership: Avoid Getting Racked Atop the Motorbike of Adversity".

And, since we're cutting-edge, we'll find some internet-guy to do something like, "YouTube and Leadership in the 21st Century". It'll make sense after we get it fleshed out.

Friend, can I count on you to be at LeaderFeeder '07? You WILL learn how to lead. Picture thousands of bold leading leaders, in dynamic lock-step, taking notes, in tandem, with matching LeaderFeeder notepads, before being herded off into numbered lunch areas on the hall floor.

Are you ready to lead, feeder? Or are you ready to feed, leader? Only you can answer that question, my friend, and only after a dizzing array of speakers, drawn seemingly randomly, but mainly from the sports world.

As Homer Simpson would say, "It's funny because it's true."

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