Tuesday, September 4, 2007


In case anyone is interested, I am happy to say that Element's web/tech/audio wizard succeeded in uploading the complete Element message catalog over the holiday weekend. You can listen to or download messages delivered by yours truly at the Element podcasts page.

Some are better than others (and I am thankful we have left off the first message series, on Philippians, as it marked my return to public speaking after a ten year absence and definitely showed). The remainder available won't exactly blow your barn door off, but I do think they demonstrate a trajectory of improvement, and for the most part, I am satisfied not with my oratory skill, but with being able to preach Jesus unabated.

If I could recommend one, it would be the message from this past weekend: A Hard Life, part four in the Exodus series.
Astute readers/listeners will notice some overlap between my blog material and my sermon material. :-)

Hope you may profit from them.

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Daniel said...

... and there was much rejoicing!!

That's a lot of material to catch up on. :-)