Friday, September 14, 2007

Depth as Door to Growth

"I've found that a church which correctly applies the concept of true discipleship will accomplish both goals: growth and depth. In fact, studies show that the higher the standards of biblical teaching, the longer people remain engaged. Today's seekers are seeking depth. They won't interrupt a fine Sunday morning of sleeping in to attend a church that serves up shallowness, at least not for long."

-- Ed Stetzer, Planting Missional Churches


Anonymous said...

I'm currently at a Church where this would apply. The teaching is verse by verse on weekends ( Romans now ) and there are also classes on Sunday morning and small groups where gifted laypersons teach as well. There is consistent growth by numbers but you get the idea in conversations that people come there hungry and continue because of where the committment lies.

Having been involved in several growth oriented Churches, I'm aware that these leader groups go to conventions and spend weekends at places like Willow Creek, North Point, and Saddleback. All to study successful methodology. I read one brochure that talked about "playing to your strengths" which clearly emphasised an unbiblical and worldly relience on self. That was from a leader directed towards leaders !

Often times I wish they would visit a local Church where the Bible is taught and diciples are being made without so much concern over a flamboyant measure of success.

What is offered is eaten, I keep coming back to that view after 15 years in and out of contemporary/ seeker/ emerging Churches... then going to a teaching and dicipling environment. There is a responsibility to shape people beyond spiritual infancy towards intimacy and depth in Christ. If the leadership doesn't embrace that ( in action, not words ) then turn around and RUN.


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Brian said...

As my wife and I decide whether to stay at our current church, this is one area that constantly comes up for discussion. Ideally I would like to see a church that does discipleship intentionally AND that fosters the right environment for informal mentoring.

Right now, our church does neither. It's up to you on an individual level to seek out that kind of relationship.