Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Gospel Meditation for Ash Wednesday

What does God do with dust and ash?

He grows things out of them.

He covers them with purple raiments.

He lifts people out of them.

He unfairly accepts them in exchange for beauty.

He writes mysterious things in them.

He spits in them and uses the mud to give sight.

He washes them off your stinky feet.

He breathes into them and creates new life.

He descends into them, submits to their suffocation, and emerges alive and spotless.

When you return to dust, even if your body should be burnt to ashes and scattered over the four winds, he who is the Lord over the earth will be able to collect you, reconstitute you, and resurrect you into a body fit for eternity.


Courtney said...

oh wow i love this! im new to the whole following the church calender thing with my new church. I didnt know what ash wednesday was really about but this gave some good meaning for me :) love your posts

Hope said...

Wow! That was so powerful. It's amazing to remember that God made the universe out of nothing...what more can He do through His people? He does not make junk, and it is amazing to know that He chooses to use His people to make Himself known among the nations! We are so unworthy!