Monday, October 5, 2009

First World Problems

Inspired by the Twitter meme #firstworldproblems, here are some frustrations that only make sense here.

The grocery store is out of the brand of bread you like.

Gasoline is up 5 cents a gallon from last week.

So hungry but "nothing sounds good."

The water coming out of the faucet tastes "funny."

The cable guy won't give me a specific appointment time.

My kid didn't collect enough box tops to earn an ice cream party.

If I don't water my lawn every other day, the grass browns.

The wait at the bank is, like, ten minutes long.

It's hard to get up for church because the bed feels so good.

The pizza delivery is late.

She only refilled my drink once. Do I tip 15%?

The bathtub drains slowly.

I don't feel "fulfilled" in my job.

Church camp is at Daytona Beach so you might have to tell your kid he has to sell candy bars or mow lawns to pay for half.

Kanye West aggravates you by interrupting an acceptance speech on MTV.

Feel free to contribute your own in the comments . . .

Btw, one two-thirds world problem is "death by mosquito bite." Foreign concept to us. But a measly $4 buys a mosquito net.
I buy mine via Mosaic, an awesome missions org run by my friend Justin Holcomb and his wife Lindsey who recently left Virginia for Seattle, WA and now work for Mars Hill's educational and social justice efforts.
100% of your contributions to Mosaic go directly to the projects you want them to benefit. All overhead costs are paid for by a single benefactor so that every penny contributed by everybody else goes to help those in need. Can't beat that.

Deliberating whether to spend $4 on a mosquito net that helps save a life or on a cup of coffee? That's a first world problem for sure.


Johnny! said...

"Hmm, this apartment looks nice but the building doesn't have a doorman. No deal."

Mark said...

I can't find a church that 'fits me' #firstworldproblem

Matt Redmond said...

I like this house but it doesn't have granite countertops.

Chitchat said...

with the stock market the way it is, I may have to work past 55

jungle rich said...

I can't decide which Bible translation to buy...

steve said...

I had to wait a half hour for my doctor appointment!

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Having few people attend a church service because of a snowstorm and then blogging about it sounds like a first world problem to me.

Wanting to listen to new music but not wanting to pay for it is another.

Anonymous said...

my computer is giving me fits, thanks for reminding me about how hard I have it.

prin said...

I ran out of red meat & potato dog food for my dog who is allergic to grains and poultry and the store is closed.

molly said...

In this economy, I couldn't afford the nice gas stove, so I had to get the electric one.

The handle on my toilet sticks so I have to hold it down to make it flush.

texnykazrus said...

How about this:
I don't have enough room in my house for all my stuff.