Friday, October 31, 2008

95 Theses for the American Church, Part 5: Purpose

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The second 19, on community, are here.
The third 19, on the Church, are here.
The fourth 19, on the pastorate, are here.

On the Purpose of the Christian Life

77. The purpose of Christian worship is not momentary music but total submission to God and consecration for life.

78. The purpose of worshiping through music and the arts is not emotional reaction but the exaltation of God.

79. The purpose of preaching is not motivation but the proclamation of the gospel.

80. The purpose of teaching is not information but edification.

81. The purpose of evangelism is not recruitment but reconciliation.

82. The purpose of service and justice is not achieving or demonstrating righteousness but obeying Christ and demonstrating his righteousness.

83. The purpose of salvation is not self-improvement but resurrection.

84. The purpose of prayer is not accumulation but intimacy with God.

85. The purpose of ministry is not imparting knowledge or a spiritual impression but knowing and sharing Jesus Christ and him crucified.

86. The purpose of discipleship is not self-actualization but conformity to the will of God.

87. The purpose of the gifts of the Spirit is not self-fulfillment but the common good of the church.

88. The purpose of Scripture is not education but transformation.

89. The purpose of community is not fellowship but “follow-ship.”

90. The purpose of the pastorate is not impressing an audience but feeding the sheep.

91. The purpose of love is not reciprocation but the glory of God.

92. The purpose of grace is not vanity but the glory of God.

93. The purpose of the Church is not itself but the glory of God.

94. The purpose of the gospel is the glory of God.

95. The point of human existence is the glory of God.

Soli Deo Gloria

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